“Learn The Secrets

To Living With

Profound Joy,

Compassion, And



…In Just Minutes Per Day”


Discover simple, proven strategies, GUARANTEED to

overcome your constant, obsessive thoughts — so you can… 


  Discover incredible meaning and fulfillment in your life.

  Stop feeling anxious, overwhelmed and stressed.

  Escape loneliness and gain meaningful relationships…friends, companions and love.

  Stop feeling powerless when reacting to stressful situations.

  Live mindfully, in the present, free from endless distractions.

Hi, it’s Theo Damatos, 




    Working on anything…and being fully alive and engaged in the present moment. 

    Relaxing, and actually ENJOYING it…instead of being bombarded with constant thoughts. 

    Speaking with someone…and being present, and connected with them.


Do you ever find yourself…


    Jumping from one task to another…and never focusing on anything. 

    Worrying obsessively about everything (even when relaxing).  

    Feeling lonely and isolated…despite lots of texts and Facebook friends?

    Reacting impulsively to stressful situations (and regretting it later).

If so, then I have something exciting to share with you.

I’ve spent over 2 decades obsessed with personal development. I’ve tried more systems

and methods than I can count. I:


    Went through countless books, tapes, seminars on self-help, healing, stress reduction

    Ran my own holistic practice, and taught workshops on mind-body healing. 

    Practiced Mindfulness…through Zen meditation, tai-chi, and qigong.  


And for whatever I tried, results were OK. Sometimes they carried into my everyday life.

Sometimes not. Or, it didn’t last. I heard the same from others I knew. Why? What was missing?


I took a step back and tried something completely different:

I stopped focusing on external techniques and exercises.     

    No going to long seminars and retreats.

    No spending countless hours meditating.

    No “tricking” your mind with fancy visualizations, affirmations, journaling, etc.

I went back to the basics…throughout my typical dayI focused on 1 behavior for several days:

Such as my breathing, my level of awareness, my reactions to stressful events, how I assumed

and judged others automatically, communicated, interpreted events, etc.

I re-trained the core habits I was ALREADY doing...

with mindful awareness strategies...in my existing daily routines.


And the results were incredible. In a short time, I:

    DRAMATICALLY reduced my stress and anxiety…by activating

      the body’s relaxation response using breath work.

    Experienced profound joy by being grateful for everything. 

      But…with a CRITICAL, subtle tweak which makes ALL the difference

    Discovered a powerful strategy to stop feeling angry and resentful.

      …strangely, at an airport, with news playing on TV screens everywhere!

    Trained myself to respond mindfully, instead of reacting impulsively

      –using a simple, 3-step sequence, right in your daily routines.


    Learned to derive immense fulfillment from performing even simple daily tasks

      …from an eccentric taxi driver in Toronto, stuck in traffic!

    Stopped doing the one thing we are all taught for building self-esteem.

      …because it has the exact OPPOSITE effect.    


    Practiced a unique way to transform how to perceive events (good OR bad)

      …so you can stop taking things personally.

    Experienced (probably for the first time) a healthy confidence

      …ironically, by focusing on the interconnectedness of everyone.

    Was shocked to realize why ANY method can fail so easily

      …and why it’s so vital to do things in the proper order.

I took everything I learned, and I created a system which:


    Retrains your core habits and behaviors, to completely transform how you live.

    Anyone can use, and do anywhere…regardless of experience.

    Is simple, free of confusion, and fun to do!


Here is what you learn in my 8-week Mindful Life Method™


i. Build New Living Habits: 


    How to experience the joy and fulfillment from hobbies and vacations

      …in WHATEVER you are doing…even simple chores.

    Overcome feeling overwhelmed and powerless.

      …with my simple breathing method you can do anywhere.   

    Combat anxiety and depression…with the ONE surprising essential habit. 

      …Hint: And it’s NOT doing therapy or taking anti-depressants! 

    Master a calm, focused awareness…free from obsessive worrying and distractions.


ii. Connect Meaningfully With Others: 


    Learn a unique way to Forgive…to eliminate buried resentments, which make you MISERABLE. 

    Stop reacting to, and judging others (a huge cause of feeling isolated). 

    Conquer ever again feeling worthless…using a practice I didn’t used to believe! 

    Get rid of buried Entitlements…a MAJOR, overlooked cause of destructive victim-thinking.



iii. Take Control Of Your Environment:


   Stop the overwhelming choices from making you (surprisingly) stressed and dissatisfied.

   Feel connected and included…with a meaningful presence and empathy with others.

   Control your information overload…which is proven to destroy your attention span. 

   Conquer your Clutter (in some surprising areas)…because it makes you insecure and anxious!

   The REAL (and alarming) reason why distractions are taking over your life…and detailed

     strategies to overcome them for good.   

Practitioners and Students Praise the Mindful Life Method™

“The Mindful Life Method™ is an absolute treasure trove and resource, for anyone who wishes to pursue a personal path of transformation. It transforms your negative emotions and behaviors, to experience wholeness and vitality in your life!  It’s like having a trusted friend there for you, guiding and inspiring you on your personal journey.”

– Chok C. Hiew, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Author and Founder, Wisdom Heart QiGong

“It was with great joy I went through the Mindful Life Method. Each area is fully explored and beautifully presented. It is comprehensive, yet easy to understand, wherever you are along your path. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to my clients, my students and my friends.”

– Rev. Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW, OM, Psycho-spiritual counselor, coach and teacher

“You have attracted The Mindful Life Method™ into your life to completely change it for the better. Theodosios has incorporated so much amazing wisdom and knowledge into the program. The mind is powerful and influences ultimately all aspects of your life. Like Theodosios mentions, it is your lifestyle that must change for your life to change.”

 Vicky Torres, Registered Nurse

“Theo’s approach is so refreshing. Direct, easily applicable to anyone’s life and circumstances, yet very profound! What resonates with me is Theo’s description of mindful awareness. Simple yet profoundly life changing if we apply it: “When we cultivate the proper State of Mind, our whole world changes. We stop reacting automatically and we live grounded, balanced and healthy engaged.” Simply put, I feel grateful for Theo’s Mindful Life Method program!”

– Joanna Hatt, Attorney at Law

“As a practitioner of vipassana meditation, I was very interested in The Mindful Life Method™. It helped me gain some amazing insights for the world around me, in the work and people I come across every day. For gaining a higher level of presence and awareness, I think this could be beneficial for anyone.”

Aaron La, Certified Public Accountant

“I loved The Mindful Life Method™! Concise, engaging (especially the interviews) and easy to follow. It made me think a lot about changing key areas I wound never have figured out otherwise.”I can now go through my busy job and home life, staying centered and present. Thanks a lot, keep up the great work!”

Chris Daly, I.T. Manager

Eveything you’ll get today in my 8-week Mindful Life Method™


1. Audio mp3 files (instant download), approximately 5 hours total.  


 Mindful Living Fundamentals – 3 recorded interviews with me…25-40 minutes each.    

 Daily Lessons – A simple, separate daily audio lesson…average under 5 minutes each.


2. Transcript .pdf files (instant download) of all the audio lessons.


What You will Master:


   Detailed steps for living mindfully…the only way to lasting contentment.     

   Proven strategies to overcome anxiety, distractions, and loneliness.     

   Targetted strategies for overcoming The 4 Causes of Suffering.

   The 3 Mindsets you must adopt immediately to live mindfully.     

   The mindsets you must eliminate immediately to live mindfully.      

   The CRITICAL key to eliminating buried resentments…without which, true joy is impossible.

The best part is…YOU RISK NOTHING!

I am so convinced you will love your incredible results…

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      – The 3 Mindsets required for Mindful Living – page 18

      – The 4 Causes of Suffering, and their curespage 24

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